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COVID-19 Shipping Delay Notice

To Little Giant’s Valued Customers,

As you are likely aware, the combination of COVID-19 and the end-of-the-year shopping season has resulted in logistical difficulties for manufacturers, retailers and shipping partners across the globe, and Little Giant Ladder Systems is no exception.

Currently, Little Giant is experiencing delays in the shipping and manufacturing of our ladders.

One of the major hurdles that need to be addressed includes the challenges faced by our shipping partners at FedEx and UPS.

Following Black Friday and Cyber-Monday's record-breaking sales, the US is facing unique shipping-related challenges.

Due to these shipping difficulties, FedEx and UPS are limiting the number of shipments they allow from Little Giant Ladder Systems.

Another challenge we face is related to significant delays at the ports. US ports are experiencing severe congestion due to COVID-19.

Fleets across the world were forced to furlough their labor, and as a result, manufacturers like Little Giant are having a difficult time securing ships to import products and parts.

Furthermore, as we near the end of the calendar year, businesses across the country are trying to get their products into port before the end of the year.

Port states like California have been particularly impacted by the virus due to labor shortages, capacity constraints and transportation disruptions.

These port congestions cause delays for ladders being shipped from China as well as for ladders that are built in Little Giant’s office in Springville, Utah.

Although many of our ladders are assembled in the US, Little Giant is reliant on small parts shipped from all over the world.

A delay in deliveries of ladder components cause disruptions to Little Giant’s manufacturing abilities. 

At this time, Little Giant cannot provide precise dates of when distributors can expect to receive ladder shipments.

Little Giant is hopeful of receiving shipped goods from ports by the end of December; however, those delays could be longer due to the world’s ever-changing economic climate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Little Giant Ladders appreciates your patience and will continue to keep you updated on past-due orders; however, please know that any dates provided are estimates that are subject to change at a moment’s notice.

If you have concerns, please contact our Customer Experience team at 1-855-254-6266 (M-F 7am to 5pm MST) or by using our contact form here.

-The Little Giant Ladder Systems Team